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Ensnared is a culmination of 18 months of explorative practice into understanding the multisensory nature of post-stroke fatigue. The artworks below, conceived during uncertain times of the pandemic, explore the conversations, metaphors and narratives shared by our participants over this time.


The artworks, designed and curated by artist Sofie Layton, aim to provide greater understanding of life with fatigue – going beyond this notion of ‘feeling tired’.


This digital exhibition is a work in progress, with new artworks in development and a vision to bring this work to a physical space in the future.


A multi-sensory animation that brings to life the uncomfortable and powerful impact of fatigue on a person’s life.


A series of images exploring the extraordinarily powerful metaphors used by the participants to articulate fatigue.



A reimagining of the sanctity of the shower and an exploration of one participants narrative  ‘I get up, I shower, I shave, get dressed, I go back to bed’


This soundscape is developed using the voices of stroke survivors. It takes the listener through different narratives around the impact of sound on individual's experience.

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Sofie Layton worked with two small groups of Stroke Survivors over five months during lockdown to explore what post stroke fatigue feels like to each individual. The narratives expressed in the workshops inspired the subsequent artworks (listed above). These workshops were conducted online and facilitated by Sofie Layton and Sian Aggett.

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