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About Project

ENSNARED is a collaborative arts and neuroscience project that has been created by artist Sofie Layton in collaboration with stroke survivors, and neuroscientists Dr Anna Kuppuswamy, and Dr William De Doncker.

ENSNARED involves a series of online digital artworks and an immersive physical installation with sculpture, sound and projected imagery, inviting an audience to experience the visceral reality of life with post-stroke fatigue. In future, the ongoing project is going to be realized in the physical sense.

 The themes were developed through a series of narrative workshops with stroke survivors. The resulting stories and metaphors have inspired the work in its different iterations. Through a series of workshops, participants explored the multi-sensory nature of fatigue and ways of expressing this through narrative, metaphor and artistic media. 

Our aim is to make the invisible condition of post-stroke fatigue visible with the hope of informing scientific research and deepening everyone's understanding of the physical and emotional challenges.



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